tumblr_n28pdnJj1q1s8zgc6o1_500Serving Children and Families in the Spirit of Christ

Alaska Baptist Family Services (ABFS) is a not-for-profit Christian ministry providing residential childcare in Alaska on behalf of the Alaska Baptist Convention. Historically, Southern Baptists have been leaders in our country’s child welfare movement. Throughout the years, the driving force behind this movement has been to help children in need. ABFS is no exception, for over 60 years this organization has supported Alaska’s children and their families.

We are confident that the love of Jesus Christ is sufficient to inspire our churches, our board, and our staff to strive to accomplish this task. We also recognize the need to combine this commissioning with the professional skills necessary to provide the highest possible quality of care for the families requesting service. ABFS provides services regardless of race, creed, or religious preference of client.