Phyllis Uribe, Night Awake Treatment Counselor

Phyllis Uribe

"I know that I can't do as much as I used to because of my age and health but I still love what I do and I am grateful for all that ABFS has done for me and how I have grown."- In loving memory of Ms. Phyllis Read More

Debra Tolliver, Clinician

Debra Tolliver, Clinician

"The best changes often start as single simple thoughts. Think big, and discover how to make your dreams come true." Read More

Marlys, Pre-Adolescent Program Supervisor


"What a joy it is to know that I'm helping to make a difference in a young boy's life." Read More

Anna, Adolescent Program Supervisor


"It makes me happy to work for our children. ABFS is a carrier of delivering the love of Christ into our children." Read More

Marita Wolverton, Retired ABFS Finance Coordinator

Marita Wolverton

"I have witnessed the Holy Spirit's work in the young people at ABFS. I enjoy telling Baptists and others in the community about the work accomplished at ABFS." Read More

Lorie Morris, Executive Director

Lorie Morris

"Coming to AFBS has been both rewarding in my professional and personal life. I feel honored to serve God by working with His children in need." Read More

Sherry Reagan, Finance Coordinator


"It is a wonderful feeling to know that the attention given to these children is making a difference." Read More

Richard Hale, Treatment Counselor

Richard Hale

"It's a great to have an opportunity to make a positive influence on the lives of our residents. To be a Christian example to them is a challenge and a blessing." Read More