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Human Resources are absolutely critical to the successful operation of Alaska Baptist Family Services (ABFS). It is the employees of ABFS who provide quality services for the clients we serve. ABFS recognizes the contributions of its direct-care workers and provides compensation and benefits that rival or exceed other organizations in the state.

The Foraker group conducted a survey of over 100 not-for-profit agencies in Alaska to determine what kind of benefits are offered to employees. Leave during the first two years of employment ranged from 5 to 20 days, while ABFS offers its employees a range of 10 to 30 days per annum of vacation. In addition, employees earn 12 days of sick leave per year with pay.

The report indicated that 30% of agencies offered no health insurance and of those who did the average employee deductible was $400. ABFS offers comprehensive medical to its employees at no cost with physician co-pays as little as $20 per visit. 40% of agencies in the survey offered no dental benefits and again ABFS offers a dental plan at no cost to the employee.

Of those agencies that offered retirement benefits many organizations had no match retirement plans with vesting occurring after five to ten years. ABFS offers this benefit to employees and their money is vested immediately. Between two and four years of employment ABFS matches employee retirement contributions from 2% to 10% percent,dependent on longevity.

While 60% of non-profits offered no life insurance, ABFS offers life insurance to equal four times the employee’s annual salary. ABFS offers long term disability coverage while 70% of other agencies in the study did not.

In review of the total benefits package, ABFS offers its employees one of the most comprehensive packages available to non-profits in Alaska.