Keith’s Story


Keith's StoryThis year ABFS had the opportunity to serve a young man named Keith through a difficult time in his life.

Keith’s father, became severally ill and was not expected to live into the New Year.

Unfortunately, Keith’s father dies an hour before Keith got off the plane in Anchorage. We were able to take Keith shopping to buy a new suite for his father’s funereal, we attended the funeral with him, and we sat with him while he cried over the loss of his farther, and reminded him that God would always be with him. Keith was able to say goodbye to his father and get some closure in his loss.

The day Keith left ABFS he handed us this drawing he had done and explained that this was his father’s new home in Heaven with God. Because Keith was at Alaska Baptist he also learned how he could be with his father again one day.

My hope that this story and drawing will remind you throughout the year how your support and donations work to help God’s children in need.