In-Kind Donations Needed


We are so appreciative for the many ways churches, individuals, and corporate donors support our students throughout the year. We ask for your continued support through prayer and donations. The following information establishes some guidelines for what we need on a regular basis and items that we generally cannot use. It also contains information on group project ideas.

Items we need regularly: 

  • Prayer
  • Gift cards for clothing and food
  • New clothes, socks, underwear for boys 9-13 & girls 14-18 y.o.
  • Sleepwear for boys 9-13 & girls 14-18 y.o.
  • Gift cards for activities (i.e. zoo, museum, plays, etc.)
  • Phone/calling cards
  • New towels and linens for single twin beds
  • Hygiene supplies (i.e. toilet paper, feminine products, deodorant, etc.)

Items we cannot use are:

  • Non-Packaged Food Items
  • Used clothing
  • Cell Phones
  • Printers


*Please note that any donations must be delivered to ABFSas