Make a Referral for Treatment


Alaska Baptist Family Services (ABFS) clients will be Early Periodic Screening and Diagnostic Treatment (EPSDT) eligible clients who have primary mental, emotional and behavioral disorders that prevent them from functioning at developmentally appropriate levels in their home, school, or community. They may exhibit symptoms such as anti-social behaviors that require close supervision and intervention and structure, mental disorders with persistent non-psychotic symptoms, drug and alcohol abuse, or behavior problems that severely or chronically impair their ability to function in typical family, work, school, or other community roles.

This target population typically requires medium to long-term treatment, is able to cognitively respond to treatment, can participate in community schools, and cannot be served in a less restrictive setting. Our clients will often exhibit criminal behaviors, experience difficulties in school, and lack the needed life skills to maintain in their homes and communities. Many of the clients accepted will have had multiple placements in more structured facilities. They may have a history of inability to adjust and progress in a public school and may require additional tutoring and coping skills to succeed in an academic setting. Acceptance or rejection of a placement shall not be contingent upon the client’s legal status or the client’s stated willingness to agree to placement and/or participate in a designated plan of care.

ABFS has a firm commitment to admit only those clients whose clinical needs require the intensive level of treatment provided within our residential treatment program. ABFS will work with the existing referral processes through the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS), acute care and community partners to help client’s access the appropriate level of care.

Admission Criteria:

  • Client meets age requirement, defined as 9-18 years of age.
  • An appropriate mental health professional has diagnosed the client with an emotional behavioral disorder that has been present for at least six months.
  • The emotional behavioral disorder is severe enough to require 7 day-a-week/24- hour supervision to manage treatment.
  • Available outpatient community resource interventions have been unsuccessful.
  • Services are expected to improve the function level of the client.
  • The client possess the intellectual ability to participate in treatment (FSIQ 70+).

Exclusionary Criteria:

  • The client’s primary diagnosis is psychoactive substance abuse/dependency, FASD.
  • The client’s needs are severe enough to warrant locked egress for the safety of themselves and others.
  • The client’s needs indicate that they can be served successfully in a less restrictive environment.
  • The client’s primary clinical need is treatment for sexual offenses.
  • The client demonstrates extensive physical limitations or medical conditions that require 24-hour nursing coverage.

There may be times that our admission criteria is modified based on the ages and characteristics of the clients already in the program. For instance if the majority of the current population of clients is nine years old the then it may not be appropriate for the milieu to bring in a mature 13 year old with whose main issues are anger management. It will be important for assessments to not only determine if the client is appropriate within the admission/exclusionary parameters of the program but that it is in the best interests of the current milieu population. If the client displays issues grossly outside what the milieu is dealing with, and it is unsafe for the cottage or the client, they will not be admitted.

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